Thursday, June 16, 2011

Associating with Partrick Bizindavyi

In article that I wrote for Centennial College how associating is important to glue to success. Patrick Bizindavyi  has done this in the last few months.

His blog  has  many  articles that will make laugh and learn all in the same story. Can you image when his book comes out!

Since February we have been shows that Patrick has come and to join me to speak at or shared the stage with. Below are few

Canada Job Expo April 26.2011

He shared his insights on how networking in a new city was full of opportunities. Literraly bumped into somone on Yonge Street which led to a job he held for many year.

The Profit Leaders " Profits are better than changes"

We both shared the stage at this event. Patrick shared his 100% intention 0% Method  formula and how it applies to your successs in any challenge you may face

Radios Show

We both appeared on and share our insights on Business, Life and Success

Goal Achievers Canada

We both belong to great organization of entrepreneurs who meet on weekly basis and associate and mastermind on how to succeed in a team atmosphere.  to learn more on the organization and how to participate in our monthy breakfasts.

Patrick Bizindayvi has gone back to Burundi until September 2011. Upon his return he will be living his dreams as a full-time professionals speaker and managing several projects in the Toronto area.

Jim Pagiamtzis
Author "Get Connected Make Wealth Happen"

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