Saturday, October 3, 2009

Volunteer to Success

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Small startups and SOHO business have one big issue, which is common to all businesses, how to promote their business (or their products and services). Obvious solution is marketing and advertisement but you need some budget. So you become a walking advertisement of your business, and networking is the best way to go about it. Again there are many ways but volunteering is a multifaceted method of networking combined with personal development.

“Get ConnectedMake It Happen” that’s what Volunteering is all about if you ask Jim Pagiamtzis, “ you may want to check the dictionary to get another answer” he says.

Extremely proud of his greek heritage Jim decided that he wanted to do more and connect with Greek Community in Toronto. “you mention Greek here in Toronto and everyone mentions the Danforth and the awesome food.” which is great.

He did some research via Internet and talk to few friends who did work in the Greek community and very quickly he found a few organizations which were a great fit. He quickly realized that there was a lot that could be done, during the next few years he participated and promoted many events from greek singles events, wine tasting tour, attended various board meetings dealing with greek issues facing the community and made many personal and business friends along the way.

After that the connection was made and Jim had put together his own website ( where he put up links to various Greek organizations and other groups that may been of interest.

“ Looking back I learned so much about many things from business to personal growth, that has help me today to empower others just do a little and experience the difference.

Currently still doing some volunteering in the internet community with the Society of Internet Professionals ( Over the past few years he participated in various events from Symposiums to Trade shows and Conferences.

Below are a couple of benefits that Jim has got from the various shows he has participated in.

1. Networking- being in the environment where you are dealing with different people from show organizers, support staff and fellow volunteers, you have the opportunity to network and build valuable relationships at all levels

2. Skills- developing and practicing effective presentation skills when working in the SIP booth from how to use brochures or explaining various programs and events.

3. Attitude- have a positive and learning attitude to be an effective volunteer in all aspects of participating in various events and activities

Currently Jim still participates in assisting and participating in Trades Shows and Conferences with the confidence and attitude that he shows and tells new volunteers through example that you can volunteer and be successful at it with the key reminder “Get ConnetedMake it Happen”

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