Thursday, October 8, 2009

Self Development Tips

As long as you are still alive, you are capable of changing and growing. You can do anything you want to do, be anything you want to be. Listen to some positive thoughts on how to continue your self development and then apply them in your own life.

· Accept personal responsibility for your own growth; no one can do it for you. What you do today will determine your readiness for tomorrow.

· Take time every day to do something for yourself.

· Take classes to stay current in your field of expertise. The world is changing rapidly and you must learn to manage change to avoid obsolescence. The way Will Rogers put this was that "Even if you are on the right track, if you just sit there you will get run over."

· Never look back to the past-you only can control your actions in this instant, so what should you be doing right now?

· Learn from "other people's experience" rather then having to try everything for yourself. It shortens the time needed to learn.

· Dealing with a problem helps you learn patience and strengthens your management skills; it is good mental exercise.

· Analyze, in a non-judgmental way, mistakes in which you were involved. It will help you to prevent these in the future.

· Reward yourself when you catch yourself working on the most important priorities.

· Never say something can't or won't be done. Keep looking for ways to do it.

· After attending a seminar, report to your boss or other people in your organization, what the most important things are that you learned from the program.

· For all learning experiences, whether it is reading, seeing, thinking or attending, apply the R squared, A squared formula: Recognize, Relate, Assimilate, and Apply. These actions will help you grow in the direction of your goals.

· Eliminate one time waster a week from your life.

· Read a minimum of one chapter of a book a day.

· Read a minimum of one book a month.

· Be hungry for what life has to offer and go for it.

· Decide what you really desire to do-then do it.

· When you have the option of reading a book or listening to the cassette tape version of the program, listen to the tape. It will be more to the point and can be done while you are driving, jogging/walking, or getting other routine things done.

· Develop a "master mind" group of four or five people with whom you can openly discuss ideas in a nonjudgmental way.

· Develop yourself as a resource for others by networking. Find out who does what, when, and for whom. You may find excellent contacts for your future needs and for the needs of others you meet.

· Work for balance in your life goals: family, financial, professional, social, spiritual, recreational.

· Always keep your goals in mind as you start a new activity.

· If you do a lot of work with the calculator, run the machine with the hand you don't use for writing.

· Do not be afraid of failing at something. You can learn and change as a result of it.

· The most difficult projects are opportunities for your biggest successes just as the most difficult people could become your strongest allies.

· Put up pictures of your dreams and goals where you will see them frequently. They will remind you and aid you in focusing and visualizing your goal.

· We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Learn from those people who get more done than you do. Perhaps you can find a way to improve what you are doing.

· Find a nonjudgmental mentor who will help you by providing feedback, suggestions, challenges and support.

· Identify some "models" and observe their style and actions. Do not copy them but learn from their experiences.

· Learn from the errors you see others make as well as from their successes.

· Fill your mind with positive ideas, thoughts and inspirations and you will have no room left for the negative.

· Trade jobs with someone so you gain additional experience.

· Ask for and accept lateral moves in the organization so you learn more about the entire operation.

· Do more than your "self doubts" say you can.

· Have confidence that you can get through and learn from anything and everything you experience.

· Reward yourself with a treat when you have completed a learning objective.

· Keep a daily journal, recording your thoughts, ideas, feelings and personal growth progress.

· Ask questions, listen, then ask more questions. You will learn as well as help others learn.

· Ask yourself, "How can I manipulate my fate?"

· Do things with someone you respect. They will be supportive of you and you will learn from interacting with them.

· Seek new information on projects for which you have responsibility. Look for new "ah ha" ideas all the time.

· Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

· Remain flexible and constantly adaptable.

· Be open to others and sincerely interested in them. You can learn from everyone you meet.

· Mentally rehearse a new skill. Your subconscious does not know the difference between actual practice and mental rehearsal.

· Keep a record of what you accomplished the previous day(s)/week. If you did not accomplish as much as you wanted, it gives you extra incentive to do better in the next time period.

· Make notes of the questions you want answered. Then as the answers come to you, jot them down next to the question.

· Work on overcoming personal, nonproductive habits; for example: overeating, smoking, gossip.

· Keep an "Idea File" ring binder or notebook in which you record all new ideas. At least once a week in a standing appointment with yourself, review your ideas.

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