Monday, October 12, 2009

Advice for Youth: Slay or Sleep with your “Giant”

The "Giant" is an event/activity that we know we MUST perform frequently, in order to create our desired future, yet because we feel uncomfortable doing it, we constantly look for reasons to resist it at that moment in time.

We procrastinate mainly because we know there is no immediate reward for doing it now and there is no immediate painful consequence for NOT doing it now. There's no instant gratification and it won't hurt if we leave it until later.

However, every time we procrastinate, our guilt over not doing it grows and we feel even worse. This in turn decreases our motivation and drive to do the other things we also need to do. It's a downward spiral of despair and discouragement.

"Procrastination is an invisible disease which takes a talented individual with great potential and turns him/her, slowly, bit-by-bit, over time, into a complete and utter failure."

So what is the solution?

The solution is the "MCR" Technique:

  1. Develop the right Mindset
  2. Create a Consequence
  3. Create a Reward

1. Always focus on slaying your Giant first, as early as possible in the day, while you are the strongest. The longer you leave it to slay your Giant, the weaker you are and the harder it will get.

Repeatedly affirm to yourself and program your mind with these words; "I always do first, that which creates my future."

2. You must understand, deep inside your core, this absolute fact: You either choose to SLAY your Giant or you choose to SLEEP with your Giant. It's YOUR choice.

At the beginning of each day, your Giant will jump up and climb on to your back with his arms around your neck and his legs tightly wrapped around your waist. If you don't get him off your back as quickly as you can, you will exhaust yourself, dragging him with you every where you go.

If you don't get him off by bed time, he'll be joining you in bed. The Giant in bed represents the guilt you will feel for not doing what you know you should have done. He'll still be on your back as you get into bed. As you toss and turn he's still there, tossing and turning with you. Imagine the kind of sleep you will get with him there all night long.

Hopefully, having to sleep with your Giant is now a consequence big enough to motivate you enough to slay your Giant before you get to bed!

3. If scheduling to slay your Giant after dinner is not working for you, change it. Set the reward of, "I'll only eat after I slay my Giant." Now you have an immediate reward for slaying your Giant. Be creative and come up with your own personal "reward" solutions.

About the Author
Terry Gogna

A powerful and passionate presenter, Terry is also a Personal Success Coach, Sales Trainer and Entrepreneur. He is the author of "How Can I Get Myself to Do What I Need to Do?" and creator of the "Priority Event Management System." Terry’s passion is to share his unique “P.E.M. System” with success-oriented people around the world, showing them how to achieve success in ALL areas of their life through self-empowerment.

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