Thursday, March 8, 2018

Special VR Post: Jim Pagiamtzis vs Brett Deguire VR Battle at DX3

       Wednesday March 7th

       Battleverse had Augmented Reality game set up at the tradeshow and Conference

       Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis decided to put the friendship aside and do battle for 7 minutes!

          See below who the winner was.
            Learn more about their augmented reality game click here

Brett Deguire (LEFT) and Jim Pagiamtzis (RIGTH) ready to face-ff

Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis ready to fight!

The battle has begun

It's a fierce battle

Jim Pagimtzis (RIGHT) is zapping Brett Degurie (left)

Jim Pagiamtzis in the distance not doing well

Brett in Red is beating Jim in blue 5-2

Brett Deguire has his hand down (recharding) and Jim pagiamtzis (right) is maing a move

They are getting to close!

Final Score Brett Deguire is the winner!

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