Thursday, March 8, 2018

Event Review: DX3 - Canada's Immersive Digital Marketing & Retail Event

  Wednesday March 7th

  It was amazing morning to walk around the DX3 Tradeshow floor and learn, network and meet various booth.

 The  were various organization selling VR Technology, Digital Media services, Augmented Reality games

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DX3 welcome mat

DX3 programme

Jim Pagiamtzis and Tim Hodges at DX3 entrance

Jim Pagiamtzis relazing on the beach with VR Headset

Dean Jessop and Jim Pagiamtzis playing Plinko

Amber mac interview speakers throughout the day

Jim Pagiamtzis , Brett Deguire and Rob Cairns

Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis ready for battle in Augmented reality game with Battleverse
     Too see our entire battle read more
Awesome product for conventions the Rhinocharge
  Too see my review read more
partnership with Paypal and Kijiji

prizes paypay was giving away

Jim Pagiamtzis, Brett Deguire, Tim Hodges and Rob Campbell

  I won 2 prizes $10 Starbucks card (see below) and 5000 crypto insurane tokens

$10 Starbucks card

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