Saturday, January 27, 2018

Special Aviation Post: It's a bird, It's a plane no its Bombardier 7000 series flying the friendly skies all over the world

   Friday January 26th

 In late October 2017 I got the great opportunity to participate in being part of team building Global 7000 series magnificent business planes at the Downsview Bombardier Aerospace location (Wilson and Garratt)

    Walking around the facility in the beginning was a little overwhelming the first week, to see these massive planes being put together.

 As the days and weeks past the journey began to understand how these  planes are built from all the tiny parts to the massive wings and engines being put together.

  The Global 7000 series is put together by various teams who follow a plan and sequence to align all the parts together, from the cockpit, centerfuse and rear it comes togeher as seamless and effective.

   Learning about project managment, inventory control and teamwork has been a great experience to enhance my skills and to learn from an amazing team of experts in the field of aviation.

  Until next time. Look up in the air and you may see one of the amazing planes flying the friendly skies all over the world!

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