Sunday, June 25, 2017

(True) Story: TTC Tales -The Request Stop Issue, The Bus Driver and Blue Jays!

     Wednesday June 21,2017

I was on my back from work on the 84C bus headed to Sheppard West Station when things got very interesting on the bus!


As we were going across Sheppard Avenue West  near Jane the drive made an announcement “This is your final warning! Please stop hitting the request stop string. This bus will be taken out of service and returned to the bus yard for recalibration!”

We all looked at each other in bewilderment.

I turned over to the lady beside me and said “ I think its goth lady infront of me Spanish guy beside you and the old guy to our right” she said “ I agree, can’t they stay awake long enough to get home and sleep!”

The ride continued and then another announcement “this is operations if you continue to hit the request stop button the bus will be taken out of service”

The we reached the corner Sheppard Avenue road and Keele and things got really interesting! I have been taking the bus route in the morning since early April and it has been smooth ride.
Just recently they have started construction on both lanes going each way from on Sheppard Avenue west from Keele all the way to Allen and Sheppard West station.

As we reached the corner we hit the construction slow down. Just before we reach Chesswood stop the driver made another announcement. “Well ladies and gentlemen I got bad news and worse news. The Blue Jays are losing 11-4 and the bus will go out of service at Sheppard West Station”
I was surprised and little disappointed that they would do that.
As the bus was turning and going into the station the bus driver made another announcement “it took us 30 minutes to get to the station from Sheppard West Station to Allen, I recommend you look at other bus routes since this construction will be going on until November!”

As we got of the bus I looked at the side and it said “out of service” while there at least 50 people waiting to take this bus

I will take that recommendation and take the other bus route to Wilson station for the rest of the week.

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