Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review: The Big Learn - smart way to use your brain

       Jim Pagiamtzis Review:
      "Thin book book with a powerful message on the power of our brain. It has been proven we don't use at the capacity of brain. The Big Learn shares insight how we can increase and better our learning capacity. Must read!"

                   Most of what we know today about how the human brain functions has been learned only very recently. In just the past few years, the amount of brain research in the world has increased tremendously. The sheer number of neuroscientists now devoting considerable time, energy and resources to the study of the inner workings of the brain is remarkable.

These ongoing studies and phenomenal technological advances in the field have led to startling discoveries, turning conventional wisdom about how we use our heads practically upside down. It's time for us now to take this new-found knowledge and apply it to how we think, learn and communicate. Just as we know what kinds of foods and exercise can help us perform better physically, we also know what kinds of ideas and principles we need to help us perform better mentally.

This is a book about the way we use our brains or, at least, the way we should use our brains to face and manage issues we deal with daily. By combining much of what we know from the disciplines of brain research, learning theory and the communication field, Brian Thwaits offers innovative yet practical suggestions that will give those three-pound organs inside our heads an adjustment that will not just invigorate and revitalize them, but will actually change how we think, remember and share information with each other.

After reading The Big Learn, you will have made the happy discovery that your brain is capable of much, much more than you ever thought possible.

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