Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Nike Story from my Centennial College days

                          Jim Pagiamtzis and the Nike Store in Toronto

           It was spring of 1994 and I was taking a class at Centennial college of Arts and Technology in Scarborough,ONT.    The class was Marketing Analysis and the teacher was very tough on everyone especially the men! ( we had ideas why but weren't sure) at the end of the semester I got very poor grade.

  I decided to this course in the evening at another Centennial College campus (Ashtobee)

  The teachers name was Brian Kastas and he was awesome,patient with us and wanting everyone to get a good grades

      For our final test we were put into groups to promote company and product. We chose Nike and Founder Phil Knight

        I was confident we had great presentation but not sure if was top notch. The day of the presentation one of team member said "I have an awesome video that will get us A+). The team was not sure but decided to do it! (LOL)

    At the end of the presentation we showed the video the class, in short it talked about Phil Knight vision of Nike and the history of the swoosh logo and the impact the brand has made worldwide

        In the end . wait for it.. we all got an A+ for ingenuity and leverage of media

 Moral of the Story;  Just Do It! and you will have an A for being Awesome!

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