Thursday, December 3, 2015

Journey of Honda Civic Sir from the Fast and Furious to adventures throughout Ontario and U.S

  It was July 2003 when I first sat in Honda Civic SiR and felt it fit like a glove. The journey would last 12 years full experience inside and out of the car. 

   Living in metropolitan city I couldn't take advantage of the power of this car. When I hit the highways that was were the real experience began! 

Put  metal on the pedal did get me my fair share of tickets, but that didn't stop me.

 Winter was the hard season to drive in, being a low lever car got me stuck numerous times in laneways and parking lots

  Being a car that is featured in movies like Fast and the Furious did bring unwanted attention to my car. My wheel were stolen and car left on bricks in summer of 2004. Numerous break-ins and vandalism issued throughout the years.

 I had lots of interesting people in my car over the years awesome women, celebrities and amazing friends who joined me for ride!

 In the end it was lots of fun to drive and enjoy the experience of having a cool sportscar.  I got lots of thumbs up from drivers and few "are you selling?" 

I took memorable trip up to North Bay in 2009 cruising that 400 highways and enduring the rocks for cottage country

Had many great adventures driving all around Ontario when I speaking for social media company from 2012-2014 from Ingersoll to Kington.

Most recently in May I drove it to Buffalo, NY to take a plane for a conference in Atlanta. It was the Planes, Trains and Automobiles and two hotels adventure of the year!

In recent years mother nature had taken its toll on the car (parked outside). Lots of minor things began to add up, my mechanic had recently mentioned I had less than year or so left on it.

I didn't want to loose it by having it stolen on Thursday  Nov 26,2015. 

In the end I have own Chevrolet Cavalier which I had for 10 years (big bumpers which saved me in 2 crashes) and Honda Civic SiR powerfull roadster and lots of fast and furious. 

You may ask my next car.. not sure.. the new journey begins today.

  Special request:   
 It was stolen at Yorkdale Shopping Mall on November 26th at 5:30pm licence plate 481TDY. If you see the car please report to the police department immediately!416-808-0222

Go Leafs Go flags


Honda Civic SiR in the Toronto Annex in 2014

Honda Civic Sir in the Toronto Annex


braving the elements in tough winters of Toronto

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