Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference: Symposium and Tradeshow 2014

  It was great day of learning, sharing and socializing at the Chestnut Conference Centre in Downtown Toronto. 

Toronto Entrepeneurs Conference

Stephen Oram from Go To Meeting

Jim Pagiamtzis and Brett Abbey

Aline Ayoub at her Booth

Jim Pagiamtzis and Mark Dietel

Isagani F Ferrer and Dianne Ojar Ali

Dwayne Richards

Jim Pagiamtzis and Rose Nixon

Jim Pagiamtzis , Dianne Ojar Ali and Rose Nixon

Jim Pagiamtzis

Patrick Bizindavyi and Jim Pagiamtzis


  1. Great stuff Jim! Good job on the writeup and it was great seeing you there!