Monday, November 3, 2014

Journey to being in the movie The Girl Without A Song

             It was an awesome experience to be on set for the upcoming movie The Girl Without A Song  coming out March 2015. Thanks to a referral from April Zhang I got to be an extra for the film on Tuesday Oct 28th. Got to meet some amazing and experience actors. Near the end of the day I had great conversation with Aveek Mansur Director and Producer of the film and turns out he had one final that he need for the movie.

   It role to play husband Mark. It was a role of few lines throughout the movie.  It was an amazing weekend and experience to be around other actors.

  Film is due out March 2015. Trailer will be out in December 2014

           Learn more about film click here

                         On set Oct 28th at Monarch Tavern (College and Clinton)


                          On  Set in Toronto: Nov 1st and 2nd Bathurst and Eglinton area


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