Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Journey into acting

                I have been a huge movie fan for many years wording in the video store business from Video 99 and Blockbuster Video. Having watch thousands of movie and enjoy actor from Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Will Smith and actresses from Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johanssen , Charlese Theron and Angelina Jolie working their mastery on screen.

 In the 2005 I wrote a 90 page script called Project: Windows and someday hoped to bring it to the silver screen. Unfortunately I lost the data but (I still have the notes!)

  Fast forward to 2014 and couple of friend of mine have been appearing as movie extras to movies being filmed in Toronto (Pixels with Adam Sandler) and Bad Mom in Hamilton.

  I had asked they where they found out about the roles and they told me to search on  Kijiji.

   Few weeks ago I did some research and found two roles that were of interest.

  1st Movie: Struck by students at School of Arts at Centennial College ( alumni) in Toronto. I went in for an audition on Sunday afternoon for a part that had 4 lines. It wasn't as easy as I thought. Thanks to some great coaching I completed the audition. (who know the young 20 year old who help me could be the next  Brat Pitt!)

 Result: I didn't get the initial role but will be going in to do a extras role for a teacher on November 16th

 2nd Movie; Blind was by company called Remix located in Liberty Village. I went in for audition on Wednesday evening. This role was a bigger supporting role with few more lines. I was given the script when I got their and did  read through with the director.

 Result: I got an email the next day that I got the role! Filming will be week of Oct 13th






 Moral of the story: Watching actor from a distance on the silver screen is great. going an doing an audition is an awesome experience!

         3rd   Love How I See It: Playing Doctor. Mr. White
                 Filming begins in early November; Decline it due to filming conflict

           4th  Social Challenged  Audition  Oct 17,2014
                    Auditioned having Salsa with an invisible partner!

                   Stay tuned.. 

                   Result. I got it! Declined due to filming conflict

                     5th  Made for TV
                         Product Pitch person

                       Wednesday October 22,2014 audition in Toronto

                        I got it..

                        Went in on November 10th and was part of Reality Tv show with Gary Pile host of fictitious Ladies Power Hour. SAHS. Will be part of 2nd season.

                     Got paid a fee

 Below are some of my portfolio shots. If there any roles you need filled let me know: jim@pagiamtzis.com


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