Sunday, March 30, 2014

Journey to 1000 blogs!

              It has been an amazing journey sharing insights and experiences with the world. It all started 5 years ago, I was speaking to an engineering company about networking and sales, during the end of the presentation I had mentioned the power of blogging (at the time I was researching)

  The engineers were very interested in leverage the blog with on the email signatures, adding value on  expertise in their industry to clients and network.

   Few weeks later I started my first blog and it was to begin a journey that would give me the opportunity to share insights  on experiences that I was having in Business.Life and Success.

    The first blog I shared caused an interested internet ripple. It caused a referral! I had also shared contest on 2 others sites.  That's a great way to start for sure.

    Since then the blog has evolved in some many ways. I have shared events, interviews, videos, articles and guest posts.  In July 2012 started doing book reviews and that has turned it an great journey (more on that later)

     Five years have gone by very quickly, I am glad I made the decision to start the blog and share, leverage my expertise to the world!

    The writing has evolved where I expanded the articles into  e-books on topics from Networking, Mentorship, Blogging, Engagement Marketing. Through that I have shared these topics to various groups all over  GTA and United States.

    In 2011 I attended an event on How to Publish a book held by Gerry Robert.I was part of mastermind group for entire year in Toronto. I had met Jean Guy Franceour who had connected our group with this awesome event.

  It was that weekend that I had come to conclusion that I could talk everything and turn it into a book!  It was exciting  weekend to make this decision amongst great friends. Fast forward to September 2013 and I get a call from Author and Speaker Dianne Ojar-Ali about the status of my book.

   I had inspired Dianne Ojar Ali to write her book Mrs. Fraud and You and it she wanted to see when my book would get done. She had me cornered  and I couldn't get her to change the subject!

     Due to her pressure and professional threats! (Wash her mini-van or else)That was enough. In less than 72 hours I had cover done and ISBN application complete!  It was great experience to work with amazing graphic artist  Michael Trapani from Icube8 Create to put the together the front and back covers. view covers

    When I first started blogging I never thought it would turn into a book!

  As you have read making this decision has open many doors and I have shared my story with friends in my network and they have to have started blogs. Rania Effat started Living out my purpose in December 2011. Learn more and others have started a blog to share their views and insights on life.

      Huge thank to amazing connections online who have been part of this awesome journey.

   Moral of the story:  Make a decision to start a blog today, it will take you on a journey to
      create experiences and lessons that an impact your life and others!     

 Check out my 21 Connections blog  Read more


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