Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review: Adversaries into Allies- Win People over Without Manipulationor Coercion by Bob Burg


               In the journey of building a network of success, there are many hills and valleys that you will go through.  Bob Burg shares insight, illustrations and examples on power and ability we all have to great impactfull and long term amazing connections.

   We also have the ability to damage them if we don't respect the connections and relationship we are building. Bob Burg resources from How to Win and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and how these principles still apply today.

      Below are a few powerful paragraphs from the book:

      Benjamin Franking in his famous Poor Richard's Almanac wrote. "Thou canst not joke an Enemy into a Friend; but thou may'st a Friend into an Enemy"

      If you have to insult someone to be funny, it's probably best not to be funny, Yet if anyone is to be insulted or poked fun at, it should be ourselves.

     Come to think of it: why did we love Rodney Dangerfield so much? Aside from his brilliance, perhaps we loved him because he was always the target of his own jokes, which was disarming and allowed his audience to laugh along with him.

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