Saturday, February 8, 2014

Power of Networking yields to a start of new career!

           It late November I attended the 1st annual Gentlemen's Expo at the Metro Convention Centre, a two day event for men to check out various booth on Wine, cars, beer and play some interactive games

 On Sunday there was an opportunity to break a Guiness World Record the for the most men in one place with the most staches (Movember cause to raise money for prostate research) more on this later.

   It was amazing day I as went through the event trying out the various beer they had available. (Stella Artois was there) They had busy booth all weekend!

  There were interactive games and sports cars for the past, present and future on display.  There was an afternoon session with the some of current and previous Dragons speaking Brett W. Wilson , Jim Trelving and Bruce Croxon sharing their insights on Business.Life and Success.

 There were multiple booths from MLSE Sports Entertainment representing the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Marlboros and Toronto Soccer Team TFC.

  A booth that caught my interest was The People Store. I introduced myself and ask them a few question. Turns out they were hiring and had opportunities coming up in February 2014. I took their business cards and continued on my way.

  Had a great time at the show Saturday and even got invited back on Sunday! Two friends of mine had booths there and they got me media pass for the Sunday.

 Participated in the Guinness Book World record for most staches in the same room. Unfortunately we were 900 short. Some guy named Tom Selleck beat us!

  Fast forward to December 2013. I called the representative and had quick phone interview with them and our conversation went well, he ask for my resume and set up time to see them on January 7th,2014 at 11:00am

 It was an amazing holiday season celebrating friends and family and bringing in 2014!

  January 7th was quickly on the horized. I spent some time doing research on the company  via their website and Facebook fan page. They had numerous videos they had done dealing with various questions about their industry. It was very good information!

 The day had arrived and I show up at 10:30am (always early!) and was ready to speak to two people for the interview.

 James Martin (Team Lead Professional Services) introduced himself and we proceeded to have a seat and start the conversation. He ask me various questions about my career and I layed out what I had been doing the last 2 years since I had left the transportation industry in November 2011.

 I had been speaking and doing consulting for various corporate and small business groups all over Ontario. Was host and community manager for Camaraderie Coworking since March 2013 and  part-owner of Richmond Hill Coworking November 2013.  Had also 2 other revenue based business that I was doing.

He was very impressed with all this and ask me to come back at 12:00pm to meet with some else from the company, I agreed and went downstairs and had coffee at the Tim Horton's and caught up with some emails and phone calls.

I returned at lunch and met with Rocco Serpe ( Director of Sales Business Development) He has spend 15 years in the logistics and transportation industry with huge success. I had been in the industry for 7yr more in the operational. We had fantastic conversation!

The interviewed end and he stated he will call within the next few days.

I continued on my day and headed to meeting further west in Mississauga. At 2:00pm I got a phone call from the original contact I has spoken to in December. I was little surprised and excited!

He was calling to offer me the position and also invitation to their annual event in Niagara Falls on January 18-19.  This was awesome news!

Look forward to starting my role on February 4th

Moral of the story: You never know who you are going to meet. Shaking hand is the start, the rest is up to you to be persistent and determined to achieve your career goal.

Feel free connect with me at the People Store 
Call 905-277-4455 ext 21


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