Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spotlight: Basil The Comedian

Basil has come to Toronto many times and has been an excited, seriously very funny comedian to watch live.

1st Question

Are there any particular traits that you find are unique to the greek sense of humour?


We all share tow things. One, we’re Greek. The  other, we speak both Greek  and English. We share the common stories that we have gone through with family, food, traditions, faith  and the funny uncanny situations that we have all gone through with Yiayia, Papou  and the entire family. My comedic perspective on the family, that I share with all of you on stage and in all my “Growing Up Greek in American” comedy specials, is a combination of  stories that I personaly lived through and stories that friends, family and fans shared with me. I present these stories in a clean and original way that all people who are Greek or married “into” Greek can relate.

2nd Question

Is there a story behind your career in comedy?


I have been a professional comedian for over twenty years- I quit Law School to pursue my dream of entertaining people. I have over hundred TV appearances in my career on show like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central just to name a few! I have  been entertaining Greeks with the “Growing up In America” comedy series since 1996. My first special  “ Comedy Greek Style” came out in  1999, the second  “Live from Boston” in 2002 and the filmed in Montreal in 2006, “Greek Gone wild”.

I have been blessed to have worked with such great Greek Comedians who are original in their material and have a following  such as  Ellen Karis who will be opening me for in Toronto. Jim Mendrinos  and even Jimmy Santis with musical parody cd’s that we have put out. “Men in Skirt” and “Hey Yiayia”. All of our products are available around the world with our distribution in just every country. My website www.OPABASILE receives 17,000 to 20.000 hits weekly and it’s great way to keep in touch with all the my fans! I love what I do!! I have been blessed with a great family and unbelievable fans around the world and especially here in Toronto,  Canada

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