Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Thank you email

 Below is a email I received regarding  You tube video that done regarding Word11 event happening on Aug 27th in Toronto. Video went viral and create lots of interest!
Hi Jim,

First of, I am so happy to have you to be part of this project. I had the chance to see your video that you did on the harbour front. Because of your piece, I forwarded to a bunch of old industry colleagues that I haven't spoken or seen in a long time - which in turn brought some interest and traffic to this event. I love your spontaneously in this project and InitiativeTO. You truly make things happen - now let's get connected and make more things happen. 

Much Appreciated and THANK YOU for being you. 
Tm Mahdi
Director & Founder,  Cg6 Inc.
unlocking the creative markets.
toronto: studio 207 - 201 weston road, ontario m6n 3p1 canada |

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