Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spotlight: Christopher van der Hoff

Living the lifestyle of meeting great people wherever I go has connected me with some insanely great people(couldn't resist). Christopher va der hoff is that unique individual who can engage you in a great conversation but share ideas that canincrease you understand how the sales is an import area in your life no matter what you do.

1. How did you become an insanely great speaker?

I started early and did a tremendous of speaking with Junior Achievement locally and nationally. I made presentations, MC’d and keynoted. I was also President of and Chaired the Canadian National Junior Achievement Conference. All this is while being a high school student.

At thirty years of age and for three years I worked the Dale Carnegie Training organization. I help teach their course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations as well as conducted fifty workshops for them.

About ten years ago I became very heavily involved with Toastmaster International. With Toastmasters, I was asked to present a keynote, entitled "How To Deliver Magnificent, Powerful, High Impact Presentations", over forty times.

With Rotary International, Christopher was asked to present his keynote, entitled "Crazy ‘Magnificent Sales Ideas’® That Work ", over twenty times.

So it’s practice, practice, practice, practice,

2. Can you give us a quick tip to give insanely great customer service?

Cavitt Robert many years ago said it best the customer does not care how much you know about your product or service until they know how much you care about solving their problem

Christopher van der Hoff

Professional Sales Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Click here for a six minute video where Christopher is interviewed by Phil Taylor, CEO of GoalAchievers International

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