Thursday, March 3, 2011

Open Door for Internet Professionals in Toronto!

Career Door Inc held the I.T Career Fair at the Metro Convention Centre on Wednesday March 2, 2011. It featured companies from IBM Canada, T4G Limited, Spinmaster and Blue Cross. There was a great buzz in the air from all the job seekers lined up waiting for the opportunity to share their expertise and talents.

Get Connected Make it Happen, was part of the show this year. Have had the opportunity to review and enhance resumes for clients which gave me the insights to evaluate and offer my suggestions and critical feedback to the job seekers at the show. There were a few very interesting resumes that showed ingenuity and little cleverness! (Big fan of thinking outside the box) Below are some the recommendation and feedback that I shared.

1st Make sure you name and objective stand. It’s the first thing at the top of your resume. It should be bolded and stand out.

2nd Most of the resumes ranged for 3 to 6 pages, it was understandable due to the type of show. Many had certifications and computer program credentials. Even with this your resume should be the maximum three pages; ideally two pages would be perfect.

3rd Take advantage of (top professional networking website) and put your public profile. Give you the ability to show more of you experience and even the great possibility for the employer to connect with you. (Good thing to ask)

In speaking to the exhibitor throughout the day they were impressed with the caliber of job seekers they were meeting. The I.T industry in Toronto has gone through tough cycle in the past few years. It was indicative from the employers and job seekers that it is in a great upswing with potential job available throughout North America.

Check out for the next dates and times of events happening in the near future.

Remember Get Connected Make it Happen!

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