Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Small Business Forum in Toronto 2010

The 10th annual Small busines Forum was held in Toronto at the Metro Convention Center. Featuring 85 business at tradeshow, Digital zone where you could share your insight and thoughts on the event on Twitter.

There were also numerous seminars on various topics from growing your business, social networking and much more.

The morning keynote speaker was presented by Chris Oneil managing director of Google Canada who gave quick and effective talk on where the internet is head. Provided key insights on googles participation and initiatives.

The day was full of great opportunities to network and meet other business owners and entrepreneurs.

The evening end of with a Ingnite our where 5 speakers gave 5 minutes talks utilizing only 20 slides. It was full exciting stories, inspiration and engaging conversation on what success means to different people.

Closing keynote speach was made by Austin Hill who provided storis on his journey of success and shared his stories in a heartfelt and passionate way. He talk about alot about his failures and how it changed him to get better. Having mentor who inspired him on his journey to do better and he has done just that.

Creating and meet new people and developing projects that are meaningful for him and impactfull on society.

Thanks to Enterprise Toronto and all the supporting partners for this amazing event.

Enjoy Small Business Week and remember go out there Get Connected and Make it Happen!

Jim Pagiamtzis
Published writer,speaker and enterpreneur

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