Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Your Business Card Worth Holding On To?

A virtual extension of your hand shake and small space for your commercial, your business (or calling card) is an essential marketing tool that tells perspective clients who you are; what you do and how you run your business. So whether you’re emerging or established, you must have a professional looking business card that effectively promotes you, your company and your products or services – as well as makes a strong, lasting and positive impression.
Vertical or horizontal, business cards vary in size, shape, colour and design according to the industry or profession you represent. And with inexpensive printing offers available at most business supply stores, specialty papers, do-it-yourself options and plenty of sites like Vista Print providing online tools and templates, today you can easily design your own business card, have it delivered to you in no time and for virtually no cost.
However tempting this sounds (especially when you are in start-up mode and trying to cut costs), nothing beats having your business card professionally designed and printed by a graphic artist or printer who has some experience creating business cards for others in your field.
If you want to your business card to stand out and be held on to, follow these 3 simple tips:
1. Remember that The Exchange of Business Cards is a Sensory Experience - It’s important to remember that the exchange of business cards is a sensory experience. Anyone who views your card immediately looks at it and feels its texture in their hand and judges whether or not they’re impressed with both before they begin asking questions about your business.

2. Be Aware of What Your Business Card Says About You – Professionally designed and printed business cards spark discussion about your business and declare…“I’m a well-established expert worth hiring.” Where as handmade, cheap or free online business cards (such as those with perforated edges) shout…“I’m a beginner with limited funds. If I’m not willing to invest in myself, why should you?” and do a lot to undermine your pitch, pricing and image.
The following scenario illustrates my point:
Roger hands his business card to Jane. Roger’s business card has been professionally designed and printed. There’s a picture of a ticking time bomb on the front amidst a splash of vibrant colours. When Jane holds Roger’s business card in her hands and sees the powerful graphic design, her reaction is, “What’s the bomb about?” Roger replies, “That’s what can happen to your business in case you don’t have the right funds flow strategies in place.” Jane has just opened the door for Roger to tell her more about his business. Now that’s a business card Jane isn’t likely throw out!
3. Know What Type of Business Card Attracts – In addition to the design structure, layout, style, look and feel of your card, most potential customers tend to be attracted and hold on to business cards that are uncomplicated and legible to read. Business cards that evenly display the card holders’ company name or logo with their head shot (depending on the type of business they’re in) as they appear on the cards’ side or background which also balance their name, title, tag line, address, phone number, fax, Skype, e-mail, URL and social media links (on the front or back side of the card) are preferred.
To your success!

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by Janette Burke
Marketing Expert

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