Monday, August 2, 2010

Power of Newsletter!

Couple of years ago went to event and the speaker challenged us to start a newsletter. So the journey began. It was begin of an exercise which would open new doors and create ongoing relationships.

The months began to pass and nothing happen. No results! I began to get little frustrated, remembered the speaker said this would happen and began to think more outside the box regarding this information.

It wasn’t it was a flashy newsletter with bright colour and fancy pictures it was about the information that was important.

Had an upcoming talk that I was doing on Do you have a mentor? Which I included in the newsletter with some other upcoming events , links and services of interest. Few day later got email back from an author who I had met that had written a book on mentorship. Invited her out to come speak at the end of my talk, she showed up and wrapped up the event and even sold some of her books! I was impressed!

This gave me confidence to continue doing newsletter and have had more results happen from getting testimonials, referrals, recommendations to contact other entrepreneurs.

Giving away prizes from free ebooks to doing funny contests such ask how many times certain word appears in the newsletter.

Recently have found some free resources online that has given newsletter better interface which I like and have done a few that way.

Another reason that a realized was going to be equally important was the part of follow-up, keeping your contacts top of mind about you and what you are doing is important.

With the advent of Twitter and Facebook. Having follower is very important in the social media landscape. Having also a simple way to communicate with your contacts at least twice a month can equally be effective and provide results.

It may take some time but be persistent and Get Connected Make it Happen!

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