Monday, August 2, 2010

Follower effect can be powerful for your brand

During the past few years have stressed to entrepreneurs the importance of the follow-up with your customer , clients and potential new contacts. In an earlier article talked about the newsletter be used as an effective tool to keep people up-to-date on what you are doing on a monthly basis.

With the explosion of Facebook and Twitter it has been very interested to see how the creation of a following can create the six degree of separation but on steroids!

Motto I live by everyday is “Get Connected Make it Happen!” I share this with everyone that I know because we connect with people everyday and want to make things happen from sharing business ideas with potential prospects to increasing our network of people we know.

This can be done in many ways from attending networking events and meeting people face to face or you can go online and join site like Linkedin and start building professional contacts online and do it in a easy and effortless way.

There is no doubt Twitter and Facebook has changed the landscape for many people for everyday entrepreneurs to movie stars. Important thing to remember is what type of followers are you attracting and do you know anything about them.

Entrepreneurial friend of mine always says “what are 20 things describe your ideal prospect” by the time you get to number 13 you will uncover some interesting things!

So the next time you either are adding a friend or adding a contact ask yourself few questions regarding the value of a them following you and also the interest of them learning more about you.
Remember Get ConnectedMake It Happen” You only have one chance to make a 1st

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