Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are you Creating Business Momentum…. and profiting along the way?

When your business has momentum, task appear easier, your people are more engaged and your business thrives, It puts victory within reach so people believe that anything is possible.

The economy is going through changes, people are being careful where they are spending they budgeted dollars. These challenges create a need for every entrepreneur to be more knowledgeable about their products and services. The needs of the potential customer and clients are still there. As I teach in my “Network your way to Success” to entrepreneurs I always say “ you have two ears and one mouth use them effectively”. In the book Small Talk by Debra Fine she states in every chapter the importance of asking key questions to your potential customer and clients.

Having ongoing momentum on your side, the future look bright, obstacles look small, and trouble seems temporary. In moving forward with any kind of movement is possible. To inspire and give yourself a great push below are few strategies to consider.

System of Success
. Give yourself some easy challenges to create some positive momentum moving forward. As stated earlier there are great books to read, which give you questions and easy ways to talk to people on a daily basis. Social Networking is great way to keep in touch with current and potential customers. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter all have programs that you can talk to people live they are online or send an email with information of interest to friends. (
- start an E- newsletter and email to entrepreneurs you have met
- start a blog on area of expertise and email friends
- attend events in your local area and network promote your business
- promote events of close friends or organizations you attend
- hand out sample of promotion material
Give yourself a weekly challenge to engage move forward. As you do this you will have lessons and experience along the way that will contribute to your momentum.

2. Stay Positive in amidst the Doom and Gloom
In the recent magazine Enterprise ( Beryl Allport stats some great points which I concur.
-Choose consciously where you focus your time and energy
- open doors to new possibilities and opportunities
-create some fun and see the joy in little things daily
Momentum is created by small steps daily and with persistent execution with great a sum of energy propelling you forward to creating synergistic movement that give you energy and attracts people to you and your cause.
Have a support of group of like-minded entrepreneur is the formula of many successful entrepreneurs for many years. Keep the close via phone or email and you will pleasantly surprised that they will give the confidence and self esteem to move forward. Everyone wants to win even through challenges evolving leaders rise up to the occasion and move forward. As a song on my mentor plays all the time called “Get over it”

3. Building your team
In the book Good to Great by Jim Collins he states so firmly. Get the right people on bus, sitting in the right seat on the bus, if not they are of the bus.
Strong analogy and so true! You want people on your team that share the same vision and focus that you do. This contributes to the momentum of you and your team.
Everyone one of you team members have skill and strengths and various areas of expertise. It’s your ability to keep aware of these and focused in that frame of mind that will allow the overall contribution to a successful team moving forward and creating the rewards of growth and profitability for everyone.
Building business momentum takes a plan of daily goals and the persistent action for result to overcome the tough and challenging economic teams. Rising above the waves and seeing further and reaching farther to satisfying the needs and wants of your potential customers.

Jim Pagiamtzis is published author and public speaker who has spoken to entrepreneurs on Mentorship, Marketing and promoting You, Networking your way to Success. He can reached at or 1-866-407-7601.

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