Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Applying effective trade show techniques.That Work!

At events, visitors’ minds are more open to product evaluation and the purchasing of products/services than any other time of the year. Every volunteer should know how to build a quick rapport with the visitor at the booth. Be a professional and dress the part. Don’t eat, drink or read the newspaper in the booth; Go out of the booth if you need to make a phone call.

Promoting from the booth at a trade show event can be made more efficient if our volunteers understand and practice the “three S” of booth staffing:

1. Stop them

2. Speak to them, list and qualify

3. Close and Sell them

1. Stop them. In the confines of a show booth, you have limited time to greet visitors and introduce them to the features and benefits our programs or service. Your first contact with a visitor is often made through a simple, yet effective, greeting and smile. Visitor should be welcomed by name (usually have a badge) give a firm handshake and sincere smile. To start the conversation, our volunteers should be polite, friendly, professional and respectful. Try some of these openers:

“Let me show you some of the programs we offer.”

“We have initiatives that you may find of interesting.”

“Have you heard of _______?” If they answer NO, then tell them, “we have not done a good marketing job! “we will be celebrating our____ Anniversarynext year)

“Are you involved with the Internet?”

“Hello_______, what do you do for a living?”

2. Speak to them, listen and qualify: After you have secured the visitor’s attention, engage them in conversation. Raise open-ended questions that require more the “yes” or “no” response. Inquire about the attendee’s networking and association interest and the kinds of programs they would like to attend. Ask about their organizations or own need for professional designation. Listen carefully to their answers while at the same time developing a strategy to invite them.

At this point direct them to what you are promoting and set them for the close.

3. Close and Sell them: Sit them down (if chairs are available) if not get them to a table where they can have the room to write. Share the information and paperwork and assist them with any additional questions.

In closing get them to drop of their business card for one the prizes available for attending the booth.

Through repeating this process in systematic way, you will created momentum and experience to effective apply and achieve great results applying effective trade show Techniques. That Work!

Have fun and enjoy your marketing experience!

Jim Pagiamtzis has participated in numerous tradeshow in recent years and have learned many great techniques though experience and lessons tradeshow exhibitors. Check out his blog for further insights at or emial for full report on Trade Show Mastery

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