Saturday, October 22, 2016

Event Review: Speaker Slam

       It was an amazing evening of 10 speakers vying for top spot of $500 prize and admiration from a crowd of 100+ people at the Revival Bar (Shaw and College)

         In the end Marcos Mendoza was the unanimous winner fo the contest. See below the I AM speech

     Next event is Women Rock the Stage with the theme of Passion, Purpose & Perspective on November 22 at Revival Bar!

             Learn more about upcoming Speaker Slam events click here


                      Rina Rovinelli  & Daniyal Shaikh

Judges left to right Farley Flex, Calvan Strachan, Carol Schulte and Mo Waja

Rina Rovinelli and Marcos Mendoza winner! and Daniyal Shaikh

Marcos Mendoza and Jim Pagiamtzis

Judging Criteria

Prepared Speech 5-7 mins
Presentation (20 pts)
  • Clear, easy to follow presentation structure
  • Logical
  • Good pace and flow
  • Well-constructed
  • Good Speech Development
  • Good use of vocal projection, pauses, and variation

Content (10 pts)
  • Clear and concise message
  • Strong, appropriate supporting content
  • Meaningful and relevant
  • Universal appeal

Language (10 pts)
  • Compelling use of language
  • Appropriate grammar, word selection and pronunciation

Stage Presence (10 pts)
  • Charisma
  • Confidence
  • Strong eye contact
  • Open and interactive body language
  • Good use of space/stage area
  • Star Power

Passion (10 pts)
  • Clear emotional connection to their speech
  • Ability to connect the audience emotionally to their speech

Audience Engagement (10 pts)
  • Able to elicit consistent engagement throughout the speech
  • To attain a strong response to the close of the speech
  • The winning speech: I Am
    I Am
    Phase 1:
    I am; two of the most powerful words in the English vocabulary.
    "I" being derived from a source of singularity that encompasses one of the most powerful and intimate sources of self-acknowledgement.
    "Am", following ever so closely to the word I, side by side as a sidekick that ensures that together, both words will act as a statement that embodies strength, assertion, and purpose.
    Any word that you place after these two singular acknowledgements will be sent immediately throughout your entire being as a proclamation that acts as a declaration of truth.
    No other words, when used together, impact your consciousness more than this pair of utter expression.
    It is because of these words that you can gain access to the gates of manifestation.
    It is because of these words that you can now channel your belief systems through a funnel of abundance.
    It is because of these words that you can now affirm to yourself that in every day, and in every way, you are getting better and better. Because truly, you are.
    You've demonstrated your willpower. You've dreamt dreams and made them real. You've believed in love, and love has responded.
    You can now say,
    I am powerful.
    I am worthy of abundance.
    I am determined to succeed.
    I am full of joy.
    I am of service.
    Yes, well, if you said it, then you've made it to be true.
    Phase 2:
    Living with the belief that inspires the action taken after saying the words "I Am" is one of the most fundamental triggers to having integrity. It's easy to say I Am, and sure anyone can do it.
    But ask yourself, "am I committed to living a purpose driven life that is in alignment with my hearts greatest intentions?"
    You see, there is a plan that has been mapped out for you through a divine source of information that has been accumulated by your life's experiences. This map was created through an amassment of lives lived by you in previous past times.
    As said in David Gikandi's book, Happy Pocket Full of Money, "we create our present moments as a pre-sent moment of our past thoughts. This gives us the opportunity to see ourselves as we were before, and to grow to an even greater SELF."
    It is your responsibility to use your time wisely. It is your responsibility to think thoughts that serve you, so that you can accumulate moments of joy in your life and inspire others to be in awe of your glory.
    Through your own joy, you will influence them to explore the possibility of joy within themselves and thus, without any resisted effort, provide them with a sensational preview that encourages others to release themselves from misery and anguish, so that they can step into the frequency of love and surrender themselves to the thoughts, feelings, and actions that lift their spirits to levels of exuberance that will ultimately plant seeds of prosperity in their minds.
    These are your gifts. This is your privilege. This is your doing.
    As you're listening to this, repeat after me.
    These can now be your words, your beliefs, and your affirmations.
    Phase 3:
    I AM (Crowd Participation)
    (3:47) Be proud as you say this , be bold as you say this, and be courageous.
    Disregard any sense of formal education that you think that you may need, and focus only on a desire to create a customized lifestyle that is fuelled by love, passion, and of course, clarity of purpose.
    As the days go by, you will notice that you're manifesting your dream life, your dream partner, and your dream job. This is it!
    If there was anyone that can be acknowledged as a source of pure purpose, you are it.
    I Say it.
    I am it!
    I am living on purpose!
    I am love, light, and abundance.
    I am the creator of my life's moments.
    I am educated, inspired, and driven.
    I am a success!
    But don't just say it. Feel it! Chin up, chest out, arms to the sky.
    With a gleaming smile on your face say these words with conviction. Spread your arms wide and soar through the sky as your imagination takes you to all the places that you've wished to go.
    The road has been paved for you, and your optimism is the energy that will keep you on track.
    You have the formula to success. YOU HAVE THE FORMULA TO SUCCESS.
    The energy has been invested, the faith has grown stronger, and your passion for creativity will reach its all time high.
    You now have every reason to keep dreaming. YOU NOW HAVE EVERY REASON TO KEEP DREAMING!!!
    You've created a life for yourself that has been inspired by the people, places, and things that have emotionally driven you, & you are now on the journey towards sharing it with the world.
    You may not even know it, but you are contributing to the human collective, and through your efforts to live your dreams, you are now inspiring others to get clear on their purpose.
    Phase 5:
    Today is your day, now is your moment. Consider wherever you reside, the city of dreams, because it doesn't matter where you live, what matters is how you live.
    Through the practical use of your emotional intelligence and the habitual practice of thinking thoughts that are in alignment with your life's greatest purpose, you will find that you attract like-minded energy towards you by being a person that knows what they want and why they want it.
    As long as you're consistently persisting, and activating you're highest self by doing only that which you know brings you joy, you'll find yourself in a position of pure power.
    Power of self.
    Power of purpose.
    Power of emotions.
    Power of influence
    Power of dreams.
    Whether you think you can or cannot, either way you're right. Imagination is more important than knowledge. To be or not to be, that is the question.
    The two greatest days of your life, are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.
    Release yourself from the detrimental pains that cause you to suffer within your life's experience.
    Release yourself from the unconscious agony that you put yourself through when you sabotage your own greatness.
    Release yourself from the conscious constraints that cause you to live with limiting beliefs.
    You are not limited. You are universal. Use your heart to guide you towards the infinite power that exists within you.
    You're a miracle.
    Live as one.


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