Monday, January 4, 2016

Quality Connections Matter

It’s a new year and the time has arrived to grow your business to new levels. Below are three areas to focus on:


The ability to learn is directly reflected in what you read, listen and associate with. What books are you reading monthly that you learn, do and apply the strategies and principles.

Which events are you attending that you can learn, take notes and take action on to begin to grow various parts of your business. Do you have a social media strategy? Networking strategy?

 If not network with the people who have the skills and talents and learn from them. That is where you the true magic begins of growing and nurturing relationships.


The ability to articulate and communicate your business to prospects, clients is extremely important.
Having the ability to speak puts you in the position of being an authority and having the expertise in particular field from networking, music etc.

We have arrived in the 21st century and you can take your hobby and turn into a business very easily. You can use Pinterest or Etzy and sell you products, get feedback.

Working the corporate world you want to have the ability to shine and show your communication abilities. I worked for a logistics company for 7 years and they called me “the communicator” Why do you think they called me that?  I articulated and expressed clearing instructions to drivers, guests and fellow employees on a daily basis.

The opportunity to monetizing your speaking abilities is great way create extra income. I worked evening shift at the logistics company so what did I do during the day? I leverage few articles I had written on networking, mentorship and promoting and marketing and landed paid opportunities to speaking at corporate companies, entrepreneurial groups and social services organizations, It got even better when I brought my friends along Patrick Bizindavyi, A.J Parl and Cheryl Rankin we had an awesome experience! 

Too this day we still talk about the places we spoke at and the change agents we had evolved in becoming


Social Media had leveled the playing field in so many ways. The ability to amplify and share you message on various platforms give you huge opportunity to engage and create new connections that can you lead you to many awesome opportunities! 

You can start a blog and website and email marketing in less than a month and begin to educate, inform you empower your connections about your skills and strengths.

“I want to see you on the other side of great connection” Jim Pagiamtzis  Learn more about Constant Contact, Public Speakers Association and Career Speaker Academy are three great organizations to connect with email or and learn more

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