Sunday, August 17, 2014

Developing Your Personal Brand 2014 a huge success! @DYPB14 #DYPBTO

       It was an amazing day of learning, sharing and socializing. Below are pictures, amazing illustrations and videos from the event.

         Huge thanks for the amazing notes and illustrations by Carolyn Ellis +Carolyn Ellis  Website
         Check out picture illustrations on  Nathan Downer, Bobby Umar, Paul Cupcott, Claire McDowall,

             Bonus: I have 8 videos to share.4 are from J Brett Abbey Founder of Message Master who had great session on Communication. 2 are from Corporate Panel. Final 2 are from Alfredo Tan (Group Director of Marketing Solutions-Facebook Canada)

Brochure and notebook

Nathan Downer illustration by +Carolyn Ellis

Paul Coputt sharing at morning session DYPB14

Paul Copcutt illustration by +Carolyn Ellis 
Bonnie Chan, Jim Ribau and Jim Pagiamtzis opening session
Bobby Umar illustration +Carolyn Ellis 
Illustration on Claire McDowall Building Your Online Presence +Carolyn Ellis 

Katia Millar, Jim Pagiamtzis and Jameela Gamble


All the volunteers taking picture at the end of  conference

 Bonus videos:









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