Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 2010 Newsletter

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December 2010 Newsletter

December has arrived time put your goals down on paper, There lots of great
books and articles to read regarding put energy into your goals in 2011. Take
the time to do. No matter what they are. The process is important event more
than the goal. Check out my blog(
 for a great article by Jack Canfield on how to look what your success are
in 2010 and how to give them momentum.

Wish everyone the all the best this Holiday Season
and a very joyous and wealth creating  New year in 2011

Excited news 2 new books by your truly "How to Attract Mentor" & How to
be come Networking Success"
3rd book coming in late 2011 that will revolutionize networking for the
next decade

Thank you to all entrepreneurs who made this year a successful and
utilizing their unique abilities.
AJ Parl
Barb Sawyers
Phil Taylor
Sue Lacher
Happy Happy
Claudio Rusillo
Richard Dolan
Joe Collins
Anna Nawrocki
Sue Dier
Cheryl Rankin
Tibor Shanto
Max Haroon
Centennial College
Galini Gravidlou
Canada Job Expo
Enterprise Toronto
Skills for Change
TM Mahdi and CG6
Natalia Kantor
Marc Gordon
Vivienne Gauci
Gary and Kim Coles
John and Angela Amato

Have put together some great "spotlight" feature on
my blog the past few months

Get Connected Make it Happen members on Facebook, LinkedIN, Sprouter.Plaxo,

and many more that I have met.

Stay tuned for the January 2011 Newsletter full of
great information, events,great spotlight stories and much

Have a wealth creating new year
Jim Pagiamtzis

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