Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you communicate daily?

Communication Language in the 21st Century has change below is great story.

During the past year have been speaking on “Networking your way Success” and have lots great personal stories to share during my talks to bring to focus the power of networking.

Due to encourage from some friends who were interested in reading about the 3 T’s joke here goes a brief summary.

I ask the participants “How many people like the talk put there hands up?”. At this point this is the second time I have asked this question and usually have a few more hands up (wait this not the punch line).

Then I ask “How many people like to type put there hands up?”. Usually get a few hands up at this point.

And finally ask “How many people like to text put there hands up?” At to my surprise usually get lots of hands. So I share my story on how I learned how to text.

Late last year I got a new phone and the salesperson mention that I can make 250 free texts a month. I explained that I had not even sent one text the whole. He looked at me a little perplexed and said “Well you got to learn”.

Off I went with my new phone and didn’t think anything of it. Had played around with the texting feature but didn’t get to much involved with it, until I got to New Years Eve when I got 5 texts in one night! And all I could respond was saying OK and TY. Which was very embarrassing to say the least?

So I went to friend and said to her “Can you show me how to text ?”
She said “Jim, I have a question”(oh oh I said this is going to hurt)
I said “Sure”
She said “ Where have you been?”
I said “Earth”
She said “How long”
I said “38 years”
She said “ You have issues, figure it out on your own” ( this is where everyone laughs usually)

It became apparent that I had to learn on my own. I did ask some other friends who with some minor twisting of arms gave some pointers.

Within time I began to get the handle of it and began to send out some few test texts to friends and was getting used to it and time passed on.
The real lesson came when I began have conversation with people via phone and they would say to me “just text me?” and I was very surprised because I was speaking to them anyways why text!

Going through this 3 T’s example made me realize how important communication language is in the 21st century with technology moving a lighting speed via Iphones, Blackberries and other mobile technologies coming out. People were on the move and didn’t have time to talk or type and plenty of time to text each other.
As an entrepreneur it became very apparent to me as the days and months past in purchasing my new phone, I can stumbled upon a fade that for many would consider normal but for others it was opportunity to learn how to better communicate with you customer and clients moving forward.

Currently have a gym partner that I workout with couple days a week and the main way we communicate is by texting and sometime via email. We hardly talk anymore. It has been an unusual experience but an effective lesson on communication language.
As you create new relationships and or even improve current ones. Be aware how you friends, entrepreneurs and family and talking to you and how you can be more effective and efficient in your daily tasks.

Got out there and Get Connected Make It Happen!

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