Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Relationships important key to success

Get Connected-Make IT Happen special

Putting your connections to use and make it happen is what separates you and rest of the entrepreneurs. Great network to get connected is Enterprise Toronto ( meetings are held throughout the Ontario region & Hold seminars throughout Canada for entrepreneur either starting a business or already in business.

Enterprise Toronto Enterprise is an innovative public and private sector alliance created to provide one-stop sourcing of services and programs tailored to meet the needs of the Toronto's Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Enterprise Toronto can help you make good decisions during your business start-up and develop your management capabilities as your business venture grows. Enterprise Toronto is managed by the City of Toronto Economic Development Office which offers services and programs in the areas of Small Business and Local Partnerships, Business Development and Retention, Investment Marketing, Economic Research and Business Information

There are many more organizations out there who provide great information. Ask you network to refer you groups they may and you will pleasantly surprised they know of many to recommend.

During the past two years have spoken to audiences in the I.T community to entrepreneurs and resource centers. In my presentation I always list numerous resources from books to online and offline material. Sometime even bring supply of books and printed material to share with audience part of the value added presentation. These referrals are part of the personal relationship I have with the individual, the organization or initiative. Giving this information doesn’t increase my income, it does increase my self-esteem, knowing that I am giving away- at no cost-valuable referrals.

How then does this word-of-mouth referral system work form me? It’s simple. Everyone on the list knows that they are being introduced to people they would never meet. They know they are accountable for their actions and that relationship they have with me is reciprocal.

I have a phrase its “Get Connected- Make It Happen” part of the strategy is you first have to connect with your who you meeting. Get to know them and what they are about. Over time you build the relationship and if there is value or service to exchange you can make it happen. During the past year have met and partnered up with many entrepreneurs to promote events, books and or promote specific services either via mail or newsletter format.

Have received gift form cards to words of praise with has been very humbling and satisfying due the fact we collaborated and made it happen. Have built a long-term relationships with Max Haroon from the Society of Internet Professionals ( have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Max on various projects and causes that has given me the arena to learn and grow. Evolving as a leader of entrepreneurs and be the example to others that they can learn from your journey.

Challenge yourself and go out and network at various events and meet the future leaders and achievers and realize your resources from buiness cards and contacts you make on your entrepreneurial journey will affect you and the others around you.

Get out and Get Connected-Make it Happen!

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