Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Entrepreneurial Journey to Success

"The road less traveled is where the experiences and talents are learned and then applied in your everday life"

As you walked the hallways and heard different teachers you have learned essential information that you will apply in your working life. As you become more experience in a particular field, there are three important components to apply and do in your continued educational career.

Put yourself in the position to listen to great speakers

Various organizations in Toronto have symposiums and seminars throughout the year (www. enterprisetoronto.com, bizlauncha.ca) topics on business and roundtable discussions are held by professionals in various fields. Be proactive, make notes and engage speakers with questions and feedback. This is the arena where relevant information is shared and discussed. Learning great stories of success and from others experience on their journey of success.

In the last few years have heard Jack Welch, T Harv Eker, Alvin Law, Robert T. Kiyosaki dynamic speakers from different industries talking about business, life and success and how they achieved there success ahd they dealt with their failures, through teaching and training I contstantly apply and teach their principles.

"Learn, Do and Apply" Blair Singer

Read Biographies on people of success

Learn from great leaders from the past (Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy) and from the present (Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey) they all have had experience where they began there success and how they keep moving forward to bigger and better business ventures.
Many of the leaders have had similar exereinces and you will learn how they deallt with them and what they learned as they went throught it at the time.

During the past couple of years I have read biographies from Living the Good Life (David Patchell-Evans fouder of Good Life Fitness Clubs) Gretzky (Gretzky & Taylor), Business as Unusual (Anita Roddick, Founder of Body Shop)

"Leaders are Readers" attributed to many

Associate with people of success

As you go out and meet entrepreneur and business leaders you begin to grow your own network of professionals in different industries. Many may become lifelong friends and some may become partners in business ventures and others will be mentors and leaders that you will aspire to learn and become as successfull as they have been.

Early in my networking career I met an interent pionner who had successful not-for-profit organization, quickly realized his experience and knowledge and began in participateing in symposiums and seminars as a volunteer as months and years went by did marketing and promoting which included some digital photography. Have spoken on Mentorship and teaching other volunteers and professionals about the learning experience it was to participating in organization in the community.

"Your are who you associate with" attributed to many

Get Conneced with various entrepreneurs and learders in your communty and enjoy the journey of success where you can Make It Happen!

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