Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evolving Leadership Part 1 of 2

During the past decade it has become evident that leadership has become an important factor in our social fabric of today's society, from organizations, retails stores to fortune 500 companies have been teaching the leadership principles that are explained below.


In order to go where you want to be! You have set sights on distant goals to reach. Coaches and mentors are important to have along the journey they will be there to keep you focused and mentally prepared.

"life is daring bold adventure or nothing at all" Helen Keller

Sports athletes who are pursuing a gold medal have a picture in the minds eye achieving the moment standing on the podium and getting the medal around their neck, the journey begins many years prior through earlier morning workouts train in the gym. Having their coach encouragement and support them to the next level.

"Leaders can never take people farther then they have traveled" John C. Maxwell from his book Develop the Leader Within You.


Moving forward and realizing that there are bumps in the road is a lesson that the evolving learns from and moves on.

Learning a new procedure and system within a work or business environment requires patience and continued practice to learn. Many leaders take notes and take it step by step until procedure is learned within days or months.

Business owners interacts with new clients everyday and offers features and benefits that are applied to product or service. Ability to learn and apply them in a professional manners relies on the ability to adapt to with every objection and respond with the easy answer.

"Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit" Conrad Hilton


Everyone is a student of success. Ask any leader and they will tell you they are always either learning form their mentor or reading books on success.

Sales trainer Blair Singer once said " how many people have made a mistake?" What happened if you changed the word and called it a "learning experience"

Learning organization is a popular term that Fortune 500 companies are implementing throughout their business. If they don't keep there employees and manager informed about the companies ongoing success and how it will impact their business in the future, form internal intranet access monthly newsletter and social events. Organizations are understanding that only the future is manageable.

In the next article will discuss the final 3 attributes of Evolving Leadership.

Get Connected and visit your local library or books store and purchase or borrow a books on Leadership.

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